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Recycling Tundish and Flying Change in Order to Lengthen Continuous Casting Sequence

by Tran Tat Thang, Ngo Tien Tho

Publisher - Vietnam Steel Corporation, Melt-shop - Southern Steel Plant

Category - General Novel

Southern Steel Company (SSC), a subsidiary of Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC), is a leading manufacturer of constructive steel grades in Vietnam steel market. In a high growing market, SSC had been trying to improve competitive capacity by saving raw materials and avoiding stoppage in continuous casting process (CCP). One un-avoidable stoppage operation in CCP was changing tundish. This operation took from 25 to 45 minutes. While this step, melting and refining step had to give up in order setting up casting machine (CM) again. Flying change of tundish will be a prospective solution. One automatic control was installed for whole casting system; and, this process took about 3-5 minutes. Beside, CM was unnecessary set up on start mode. However, serious incidents occurred in EAF, LF, also CM, crane etc shall make stoppage of CM, if they lasted over 50 minutes. In these cases, tundish should be wasted. Most of used tundishes remained wear lining remarkable. SSC started one recycling procedure for used tundishes.

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