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Surface Modification of Rolls for Cold Rolling Process

by Juan Chih-Hao, Lin Cheng-Hui, Lu Yi-Wun

Publisher - China Steel Corporation

Category - General Novel

In this paper, there are two topics covered under the subject of surface modification: surface anti-corrosion and surface hardening. Surface anti-corrosion is established by nickel plating. The process of nickel plating not only provides corrosion resistance to prolong the life of roll but also resolve the pin hole problem which arises after surface grinding. The next topic of this discussion is surface hardening. It is the procedure of chrome plating or thermal spraying process like plasma spraying and high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spraying. The hardness and the adhesion force between different coating are discussed. This paper provides the procedures for the process roll of cold rolling lines, i.e. pick up roll and cooling roll, to demonstrate the overview and information useful for approaching the maintenance performance of rolls. With the proper procedure, it’s significant improvement for roll lifetime and the quality of steel plates.

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